Life in Focus: Strategies and Habits for the Distractible Brain That Help Increase Focus and Motivation Paperback – November 15, 2021

A book fresh off the press, by Connie Naresh, co-authored by LP Wirth.

Procrastinating on a looming project, lack motivation, or simply frustrated because your mind can’t sustain attention?

Life in Focus is written to help by providing practical solutions that effectively work for the distractible brain. By learning, then implementing new strategies, you will form lasting habits and create a new normal for yourself. This book will help you

  • tackle a looming project,
  • increase your motivation to accomplish task you routinely avoid
  • keep you focused on the task at hand.

These actionable strategies really work. Wouldn’t it boost your confidence to remember people’s names, or keep perfect track of your keys? What if you could manipulate your distracted mind and find the motivation to tackle any project, or pick up piles of stuff that have been long ignored? Are you willing to change with simple actions to return for a significant result? Discover ways today that will help you lower stress, create motivation, find focus and be effective at work and home.

Connie Naresh is a caring distractible mind coach who offers help without judgment. She has had to overcome many of her own distractible mind challenges and now actively helps her family and community achieve their goals.

LP Wirth has fought his own battles with ADHD, OCD, and autism, albeit low on the autism spectrum scale. LP has also gained valuable experience in Corporate America, the UK, and Europe.There he was responsible for many time-critical programs. Because procrastination was never an option for him, he became Department Head in a number of Fortune 500 companies. Profit from Connie’s and LP’s insights – the road to success is ahead of you.